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Create a 16 pages page paper that discusses engineering internship experience. One is required to apply the engineering principles to practical engineering problems: to use engineering equipment and tools, to make, read and interpret engineering drawings and specifications, to express ideas clearly and concisely, to relate abstract ideas to actual needs, and adopt an effective course of action and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.The main focus during the internship period was in the engineering department, where the design and fabrication of electric ovens take place. The following are some of the functions I performed with help, during the internship ( in the workshop):During the internship placement, I got to spend most of my time in the workshop area where the fabrication of the ovens takes place. However, I also got a chance to spend some time in the other departments of the company including the sales and marketing department, administration, the Human resource department, research and development department, and the procurement department. Other skills are important as well. An engineer must know how to communicate effectively, how to work well with others, how to learn new things and how to define and solve problems. Therefore, technical knowledge is only a part of the education (albeit a very important part) that must be complemented by other skills. When in these departments, I got to interact with all kinds of people and from the interactions, I acquired/sharpened my social, communication, teamwork, and working under pressure skills that are helpful in my future career life.In each department, I got to understand the reason for its existence and in detail what it is meant to perform for the company. Under the supervision of an experienced staff member of the company, I was assigned to tasks and responsibilities that I had to carry out through to completion. These included basic designs and drawings in the workshops.