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Course: Religions of the world1) Essay Response (2+ paragraphs):  Consider the Yin and Yang.  Why is this concept of opposites is so important to Taoism?  What are two areas you have experienced this concept?  Length 300 words 2) Response assignment (1 paragraph):  Considering the previous video on how to reach a state of happiness, why do you think Laozi advocated these four areas of life in particular to be explored/worked on in order to have a happy life?  Reminder the four areas were:ResourcesRelationshipsSelf-developmentself-maintenanceLength 200 words 3) Essay Response (2+ paragraphs) Considering the five relationships Confucius lifts up, how does each one of those relationships influence the identity a person?  In this assignment you will analyze how each of the relationships shared impacts the identity of the person.  You can take a global view of this or you can talk about how you might experience this personally.  Give an example in each how this relationship might play out between people.  Ruler SubjectHusband WifeFather SonElder brother Younger brotherFriend FriendLength 300 words