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Compose a 1000 words assignment on post-reading and study activities. Needs to be plagiarism free! This is an unfortunate situation, but it does happen. “Kids who struggle with reading dont need a dramatically or categorically different approach (Feldman)” what they need are dedicated teachers who are willing to spend more time with them and make reading interesting. Gone are the days when teachers stand before a class and read. while the students sit and look as if they are listening to boring sermon. Teachers need teaching aid and the ability to make reading fun.Reading is no longer an activity of turning the pages, and testing students in order to see if they know the words in the lesson. More time should be given to students who are “delinquent.” Of course, they will not appreciate the extra attention. However when they are grouped, and given an aid like the graphic organizer, they will begin to have fun. In this first activity, the Graphic Organizer will be used. Teacher will give students this work sheet after they have read and discussed the reading, explain to them what is meant by cause and effect (of course most of them have already used this), assume no one knows. Teacher may ask some cause and effectquestion by way of explanation. Students will work in groups of four or three. They will be given the work sheet and whether they want to use the book or memory, they should fill in the effect map as best they can. The objective of this activity is to help students to think logically.In this activity, students will answer question about the passage. The objective of this activity is to help students develop their comprehension skills, to use inference, and to express themselves in writing.Everywhere you hear it. On the streets, in churches in the media, sometimes even from teachers. People using “you know what I am saying?” It is even worse when their only adjective is a curse word.