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Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Affecting A Significant Event in My Life on Thoughts. Challenges at times serve instrumental to drive you out of the comfort zone of the routine domain and aids to attain newer skills of leadership. So had been a significant event in my professional career which forced me to prove successful in a challenging arena of work.It was in the peak financial season of the year 2007, that I had to take charge of the challenging hot seat of FIC of project C. The incident of the FIC relieving from the organization at a stage where there were only two weeks left for the company’s annual audit really pressurized the whole team. The FIC was the lone person who held resourceful information on the accounts as he had a long term relationship with the client company. Moreover, he was responsible for the completion of the previous year’s annual audit and current year’s interim audit of that company. My previous track records found me as the best person to fit into his slot.The challenges in terms of adaptability, leadership skill requirements and information sourcing were immense. As a primary strategy, I made my presence felt to the client company through extensive inclusiveness. Interaction with the client team and my team was initiated in which the time and the action plan of the project were reconstructed. The interaction further led the collection of resources with regard to the client demand, expectations and other vital information on the prior work done by my precedent counterpart. The team-building process was a real challenge to my leadership skills. With the support of my supervisor, I built a working team and started to leverage the resources from relevant sources. The team was inspired to have a positive team spirit in the ice-breaking meeting itself. Acknowledgment of the team’s efforts and the sharing of leadership was continually assured. They were enlightened on the career growth envisaged upon the success of the program. The team was also warned about the impact of the failure that may result in the company. With all these relentless efforts, I could initiate a good workforce. Tasks were assigned and the team started to work with all its spirit.&nbsp.