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Answer each question or statement with a minimum of two sentences. Then write a paragraph on the summary of each course and how it relates to a bankers job role.asset allocation and risk management- course1-Apply portfolio and capital market theory. 2- Examine common stock in terms of analysis, valuation, and management. 3-Construct a security analysis. 4-Examine fixed income securities, analysis, valuation, and management. 5-Evaluate derivative securities. 6-Critique investment management performance.PROFESSIONAL SELLING1-Analyze the buying and selling functions from both the client and customer perspective. 2-Evaluate the process of opening and closing sales by reviewing real life case studies. 3-Analyze a negotiation in a simulated setting. 4-Evaluate the key concepts of customer relationships by applying them to various scenarios. 5-Evaluate the key differences between international and domestic sales strategies. 6-Discover the ethical and legal issues associated with the selling process.