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1) Using the list of cyber security news websites provide in lecture 1 (or if you have other favorite cyber security news websites, use that, too), summarize the contents of one of the article and provide your thoughts on the article. Where possible, try to fit this into industry trends or its relation to world events or drawing from personal experience where you may have encountered similar issues during your internships/full-time jobs, etc. 2) Research and summarize your findings for how containers & serverless computing is poised to/currently is changing the attack surface for hackers and network defenders. What effect is this having on potential forensic artifacts that would exist when an attack compromises a system?  What is fueling the trend to move towards contains and serverless computing platforms like Docker?The summary and your thoughts should be, at minimum, 4 sentences for each question and should include citations as appropriate. Please use crisp, grammatically correct prose as I will dock points otherwise. I realize some of you may think this is unfair, but as almost all of you noted in the last post, communication skills are key in this field and that includes written communication as well, so consider this practice that will pay dividends in the future. Please provide citations as appropriate.