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You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Unknown Tennessee Williams. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Tennessee Williams wrote many plays on fiction and depicted many themes through his plays. His most renowned play was the Glass Menagerie in which he used some portions of life.&nbsp.Tennessee Williams was born in Columbus, Mississippi in the year 1911 to Cornelius Williams. His father was a salesman who was drunk in most instances and his mother was suffering from an anxiety disorder. He was very close to his sister Rose who was also diagnosed with the problem of schizophrenia. Many of his characters of family are used in his plays including his sister. At the age of seven, the family of Tennessee moved to St Louis where he attended his first school. This first school was also included in his famous play Glass Menagerie. At the age of 16, Williams wrote an essay which was published in Smart Set and he won a prize of five dollars for that essay. It was here only at such a tender age that one could clearly see that Williams was an expert when it came to writing and expressing his opinions. In 1930 Williams joined the University of Missouri which he had to quit because his father did not approve of the university. After quitting from the university Williams worked in the shoe business for a while but then, later on, joined the University of Iowa. He earned his degree from the University of Iowa in 1938. It was in 1935 that he entered the literary world when he wrote the play “Cairo, Shanghai, Bombay”. The play, later on, did not prove to be as successful as his other plays were. He tried finding jobs in Chicago but all his tries went in vain and so he had to shift to New Orleans. It was there in New Orleans that he changed his name from “Tom” to Tennessee. His career started in New Orleans when he struggled to write plays which at first were not successful enough. In 1939 he wrote his first play which was known as “A Battle of Angels”. His first play did not prove to be successful but it gave him a platform through which he could work harder and earn a name for himself. He worked as a contract writer for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer where he made the scripts of his famous play The Glass Menagerie. Reality has been a theme of his major plays in which he has taken some parts from his own life (Leverich 1995. Falk 1978. Londre 1979).