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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic management and team working capabilities. This was the exact weakness of the organization because measures were not put in place by previous managers to ensure that employees stayed at the post until as long as their services were needed. The absence of employee retention, a situation known as employee turnover occurs. In the view of Clint (2011), “Employee turnover occurs when employees voluntarily leave their jobs and must be replaced.” To this effect, my services were employed to take charge of the recruitment of the organization for the year 2010 to ensure through my duty that employees were retained.The need to have someone playing the role of a recruitment manager as an attempt to ensure employee retention was in the right direction because one of the factors that have been identified to be the cause of employee turnover is poor recruitment. Explaining what recruitment is, Stevens (2010) assert that “Recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time.” It is, therefore, logical to assume that if the right people are not put in the right place, they would surely leave. In this direction, The Missouri Business Journal (2011) advice that in recruitment, it is always important to hire “the people that are a good “fit” with the culture of the organization — meaning that their values, principles, and goals clearly match those of the company”. Most often than not, managers loss site of their role in using recruitment to ensure the long term. I was therefore called upon to play this all-important role of a manager in charge of recruitment.The task that was assigned to me was more of an opportunity than merit because I was still a subordinate worker of the organization. For this reason, I became extremely excited about the appointment. In relation to leadership or managerial style, I felt strongly that my superiors were practicing and all-inclusive management style and that was recommendable. At such moments in organizational systems whereby all protocols and bureaucracies are broken to give way for young employees to put to test.