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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic domestic abuse and its impacts on children. Domestic abuse can have a powerful impact on interrupting this delicate dynamic and process of growth. Many of the studies and research proposals that it been conducted with regard to this particular topic have been concentric upon seeking to reduce the exhibition of domestic abuse that takes place. Although these are extraordinarily important in helping to solve the issue, one aspect that was alluded to during the course of the semester is with regards to actually understanding the ramifications of this abuse and the manner through which it continues to impact the future life of the person that was either directly or indirectly exposed to it (Ellis, 2012). Although such a focus does not diminish the need for engagement of the issue for those that continue to perpetrate domestic violence or suffer from it, it further has a profound impact upon the ability of the affected individual to recover and return to society as a functional human being.Sadly, what is exhibited all too often is a situation in which the victim of domestic abuse blames themselves and carries a burden of psychological trauma and harm well into the future. affecting relationships, the ability to parent, and even the innate capability of having fun and experiencing the joy of a relationship in the future (Upadrashta, 2012). Interestingly, even though there is a marked deviation between more common forms of physiological health and psychological health, a noted similarity that exists between the two is with regards to the time-sensitivity that domestic abuse can impact upon a child with regards to the overall fulfillment in future relationships that the individual might expect to enjoy as life progresses (Alansari, 2006). This sensitivity can easily cause learning disabilities and issues pertaining to the effective formation of bonds,&nbsp.friendships, and integration with society as a whole. &nbsp.