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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic mobile and wireless technology: trends on the rise. Mobile and Wireless Technology: Trends on the Rise This report was an attempt to explain and describe trends on mobile and wireless technology prevalent in today’s world, especially with regard to the global business scenario. The concepts and the correlation between mobile and wireless technology makes an interesting study. The past researches have not really delved into understanding the trends of these technologies that shape our present and past, shapes our businesses and lives, but that is the purpose of this study. The secondary research undertaken by interviewing two companies belonging to the same industry help us to understand the impact of these technologies on the businesses as well as the project management approaches.Through convenient sampling interviews, it was found that mobile and wireless technology play a vital role in several aspects of business and employees are generally aware of the these technological setups in the company make use of these technologies in their day to day job responsibilities. Through this research, we are able to understand the rises in mobile and wireless technology within organizations, which also showed the relationships with commerce in the lives of people.The convenient sampling interview consisted of the subject rating different aspects of each of the companies, as well as finding the trends and comparing them to past research of the same objective – the trends of mobile and wireless technologies, how they are being used, and the convenience and importance they provide for people and businesses alike that make use of them. It was also important to understand the aspect of project management for businesses with the help of wireless and mobile technology while conducting the interviews. The data obtained for the study through the administration of the convenient sampling interview to respondents from Club 21 Hong Kong Limited and Crocodile Garments Limited was analyzed by using the method of factor analysis in order to identify the ‘key factors’ as perceived by the respondents (management and other employees of the companies) to be the benefits that decide the use of mobile and wireless technology used in these organizations. These factors actually show us the trends of mobile and wireless technology that are on the rise and pave way for the future of these technologies as an integral part of doing business in the times to come.Though there was no solid conclusion in the study, it was found that mobile and wireless technology plays a very critical role in several aspects of a business including project management, communication and sales force management and has paved way for effective, efficient and transparent organizational communication process. The trends of mobile and wireless technology continue to rise as the technology becomes more advanced and more readily available for businesses and for individuals. Due to these rises in technology, the following is important: the employees must continue to be trained for the technologies that are being used within the company, the technology should be used extensively for project management, sales force management, and customer servicing, and the use of mobile and wireless technology should be done with care and caution – the companies need to be aware that there are security glitches within these technologies that can prove harmful to the company.