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Three of the questions from this quiz involve reading the following article about Frederic Church . Pages from american-paintings-19th-century-part-1.pdffile:///C:/Users/Esohe/AppData/Local/Temp/Pages%20from%20american-paintings-19th-century-part-1-1.pdfReading: Kelly, Franklin, et al. “Frederic Edwin Church.” American Paintings of the Nineteenth Century. National Gallery of Art, 1996. pp. 62-67.(Source: National Gallery of Art  for educational use https://www.nga.gov/research/publications/pdf-library/american-paintings-of-the-nineteenth-century-part-i.htmlhttps://www.nga.gov/notices/terms-of-use.htmlQuestion 1 Which of the following is INCORRECT regarding Native American ledger drawings? A. They were drawn on old ledger or account books.B.  Animal hide and pigments were used. C. Many of the drawings were made by Native Americans who were imprisoned by US military. D. They were made in the late 19th century.Question 2 Signe Pierce’s  Heightened Realism is a photograph. The artist mixed several colored lights coming in from different directions to create a neon-like effect that hints at alternative reality.  The artist is using_____________. A. additive colorsB. subtractive colors.Question 3  In what way do Church’s landscape paintings make a political statement? A.  He depicted racial tension in early American life.B.  He depicted a glorious American landscape worthy of conquering and manifesting God’s will. C. He painted portraits of political leaders. D. He raised ecological questions about the land in the Americas.Question 4 Select from the following statements what is INCORRECT about Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus no. 34. A. It is an art installation.B.  It is a closed form sculpture. C. It has a sound component. D. It based on the idea of the different color spectrums of light.Question 5 Wohaw’s Between Two Worlds primarily expresses Wohaw’s pride as a Kiowa warrior. True FalseQuestion 6Mary Cassat’s Boat Party uses complimentary colors. True FalseQuestion 7  Select the INCORRECT statement about Umberto Boccioni’s Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. A.  It is an open volume sculpture.B.  It expresses a desire for a strong, machine-like body.C.  It is a work of Italian Futurism. D. It expresses motion and movement.Question 8 Choose 2 of the CORRECT descriptions of this painting by Frederic Church. A. It uses complementary colors on the color wheel. B. It celebrates the great land of America.C.  It uses a birds-eye view perspective. D. It is a still life.Question 9 We studied art and science in a previous chapter. How does Church’s work related to the science of the time? A.  His work was inspired by Greek and Roman artwork.B.  His work was inspired by airplanes and locomotives. C. He used a camera obscura for his painting. D. It was based upon scientist Humbolt’s studies of flora.Question 10 Which is INCORRECT about Italian Futurists? A.  They glorified war. B. They glorified speed and technology. C. They wrote manifestos (inflammatory statements about their art).D.  They were anti-war.Question 11 Which is CORRECT about Trulio Cali’s painting?A. It is from the surrealism movement. B. It uses one-point perspective.C.  It depicts the interest of the time in speed and aero technology.D.  It uses black and blue which are adjacent in the color wheel.Question 12 Finally, we will dive more deeply into Frederic Church.We will visit the National Gallery of Art. This is a publicly run gallery by the U.S. government. It hosts a great collection of American art. Follow the link to Church’s painting River of Light:The River of Light at NGA (Links to an external site.)Once you are there, take a look at the painting and read the description. Then, use the zoom+ feature to get in close and look at the details of the painting. The purpose of this quiz is for students to take a close look at the details and brushwork of the painting.Take a screenshot of the zoom in view and upload it so I know you looked carefully.Upload your screenshot.Upload