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Term Paper [Exploring a Psychological TheoryYou will write a 3-5 page paper, where you will explore one of the many psychological theories discussed during the course.The theories may pertain to, but are not limited to: personality, learning, motivation, self-efficacy, self-regulation, communication/reinforcement, leadership, self-fulfilling prophecy, and cohesion.Pick the topic that you enjoyed the most throughout the course.  Paper Layout:You will chose a theory and describe the theory in detail.You will use that theory and address a topic of your choosing, that relates to sports or exercise,Be specific about the relationship between your chosen theory and topic.You will be graded on your reasoning for choosing the topic, the thoroughness of your reflection, the application to your interests/ reasoning for choosing the topic, and organization and writing composition.You will be expected to cite minimum of 5 credible sources (books, book chapters, journal articles, etc.) using the APA style.Format for Blackboard Assignments:Hand Written Responses WILL NOT Be Accepted!  Assignment MUST Be TypedAll Assignments MUST be submitted through BlackboardUPLOAD an Excel and/or MS Word File as well as any other useful documentationMS Word File Format- 1″ spacing- 12 point font- Double Spaced