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Need help with my writing homework on Best buy case. Write a 1000 word paper answering; t the current statistics of the disabled persons employed worldwide, particularly in the United States, in order to inform its employees why it is crucial to include people with disabilities in the workforce. Likewise, as Harvey (n.d.) points out in the case study, the workshop program may stress the fact described in the case study that performance ratings of workers with disabilities were found to be nearly identical to those of workers without disabilities. Such a program can assist the company to convince its employees that people with disabilities would not put additional burden on them. In addition, it is better for the organization to make necessary arrangements for its employees to visit other worksite environments that successfully practice the inclusion of people with disabilities. This strategy would motivate Best Buy employees to create an effective worksite environment characterized with the great involvement of disabled persons. Finally, it is advisable for the company to offer additional financial incentives for its employees for encouraging them to enthusiastically deal with the inclusion of people with disabilities.2. While evaluating the Best Buy’s performance against three focus areas for INCLUDE, it seems that the company’s operations address almost all focus areas effectively. The INCLUDE group effectually utilizes the disability training, resources and innovations. To illustrate, at the request of INCLUDE members, the Best Buy management team is creating a training program concerning Autism Spectrum disorders. In terms of resource utilization, another INCLUDE chapter created an end cap with an iPad demonstrating several apps that can really help customers with disabilities. In order to improve the firm’s performance in this area, Best Buy must keep itself up to date about recent innovations that are able to fill the gaps in the workforce and marketplace.