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Need an research paper on technology and learning in the united arab emirates. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Tertiary learning institutions in the UAE are getting students ready for a swiftly changing world that is driven by information and technology. It requires graduates who are prepared for the labor force and who possess a high level of confidence and knowledge in the usage of technology to assist them in their lifetime learning. The UAE is a small nation of nearly 4 million residents, located at the bottom of the Arabian Peninsula and is bounded by the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Termed as one of the most bizarre nations around the globe, the UAE has existed in the globalized world over the past 30 years after being a poor state of the small desert and developing into a modern sovereign nation.Advanced colleges of technologies and universities in the country are progressively using e-learning or online learning as part of the program. The trendily used term to define the varied use of information and communication technologies to enhance and support assessment, teaching, and learning from resource-centered learning to complete online courses is called E-learning. Quite a number of scholars have been conducted in the United Arab Emirates to examine the practice of e-learning in tertiary learning. Numerous studies aimed at the views of the teachers on how to incorporate the new technologies into their learning and teaching, alongside their opinions of the significance and drawbacks of e-learning in the UAE setting.The use of technology in learning is becoming a more and more significant part of professional and higher education. Technology does not only provide learners with the chance to govern their personal learning process. however, it also offers them with complete access to a huge volume of information over which the instructor has no control. According to Ahmad & Daghfous, (2010), 40% of the instructors showed that they used the internet or computers to form instruction materials, 30% said they used it for managerial record-keeping, while not more than 10% stated they used it to access research and finest practices or access model lesson procedures. Beginner teachers were most likely to use the internet or computers to achieve different teaching objectives, in which teachers with more than ten years of teaching experience used the internet or computers to converse with colleagues.