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Need an research paper on improve sales performance. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Anybody presenting persuasive material to an audience should participate:1. Sales professionals to customers2. Managers to employees3. Executives to groups4. Recruiters to applicantsWhat is the workshop agenda?The three-day workshop begins with five-minute presentations from each attendee.Classroom Day 1: Presentations have a beginning.1. Overcoming call reluctance, stage freight, and the top ten worries of public speaking.2. Understand your audience: needs and expectations3. Presentation objectives: what, how, and why4. How to organize the presentation5. Attention-grabbing openingsThe first hour of Day 2 is dedicated to each attendee re-presenting an improved version of their five-minute presentation using lessons from day 1.Classroom Day 2: Presentations are show business1. Effective graphics and PowerPoints.2. Avoid common PowerPoint errors. 3. Keep it smooth: practice delivery with visual aids.4. Leave the audience positive and action-oriented.Classroom Day 3: The end game1. Addressing audience objections and tough questions2. Adapting presentations to websites3. Participants will have ½ hour to prepare their final presentation which will be videotaped for their archives.Group and instructor feedback provided.Each day begins at 9 AM and ends at 3:30 PM. Workshop attendance is limited to 6-12 participants for individualized instruction. Attendees are encouraged to bring laptops and PowerPoint software. Attendees will receive the videotape, a workbook, and a certificate of completion.For company groups, the workshop is priced at $3,500 plus $100 per student. SpeakEasy® offers mentorship and consulting by email or telephone for six months after attending a workshop. Discounts are available for future workshops. Just like the food business, we cherish repeat customers.Your people deserve the very best training. in a family business, 70 years and three generations are amazing. they are your most precious asset. We will call you this week to set a time to schedule a workshop at your convenience. and weekends are available.Please accept this invitation below. SpeakEasy® looks forward to sharpening your people’s presentation skills and adding profit to your bottom line.Thank you for your time and consideration. Please call me personally with any questions or concerns.Sincerely,PresidentAccepted by SoFo Foods.