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instructions you are a parole officer and your supervisor has asked you to assist in hiring new officers for the office. To begin, the supervisor has requested that you create a job advertisement for a parole officer. Construct the job advertisement and include the following elements:A description of the position with the following items:Location of officeOffice hoursRoles (discuss at least one)ResponsibilitiesClassification of offendersManagement of offendersParticipation in police/community partnershipsCandidate requirements including the following items:Qualifications (skills)EducationExperienceBe creative with this assignment, and use graphics, various fonts, and visual designs or images to support your assignment. Any images used that are not original works must be cited according to APA format.Your completed job description should be between one and two pages (double-spaced). A title page and reference page do not count towards the total page count.