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THIS IS DUE IN ONE HOUR IT IS ONLY 3 QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE COMPLETE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!In the ad for AT&T, each person explains how, through their unique blending of languages, they are able to express themselves better and connect with family and friends. For instance, one of them mentions how he speaks English when he is mad and Spanish when he is happy. This ad is specifically connecting with ambicultural, tech savvy millennials, understanding their experiences with a mixture of American and Hispanic backgrounds. This video might remind you the importance of being able to communicate in two languages and being close to the ones you care about.  Enjoy!#BetweenTwoWorldsWhile watching the video think how  it relates to your own experiences.    Answer the following questions in complete sentences in Spanish:1. ¿Te puedes identificar con algunos de los jóvenes en el video?2. ¿Qué importante es para ti el comunicarte con tus amigos o familiares?3. ¿Cómo te comunicas con tus amigos o parientes (relatives)  en tu comunidad?