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I will pay for the following article History of the Conflict between Arabs and Israel. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. For instance, the Israeli name for the war is the ‘war of independence’, while the Palestinians call it al-nakba which is the Arabic word for Catastrophe. The facts which can be ascertained from historical documents and reliable sources agree upon a few points (Gerstel, 2004). For example, we can be reasonably certain that the Arab nations did not accept the creation of a Jewish state when British partitioned Palestine into two states. We also know that the armies of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan attacked the newly formed state soon after the British left. Still, we find differing opinions as to why the war was started and which party provoked the other into taking offensive action.For instance, the pamphlet (Source A) written by the PLO titled History of Palestine (1984) examines and describes the issue by painting the Israelis in an obviously bad light. It says that the peaceful villagers of Deir Yassin were attacked by the Zionists and more than one hundred and fifty men, women and children were killed and mutilated by the Jews. The PLO also gives the reason for this attack and calls it a scare tactic which was supposed to cause panic and make the Palestinian population leave the country in a hurry. Scared for their lives, the Palestinians flew from their homes and were not allowed to come back after the war-making them refugees by default.The entire blame for the war is laid at the feet of the Israelis, and the source fails to make any mention of the nations which attacked Israel as soon as it emerged as a country. It does not make any allowances for the fact that there could be another possible side to the same argument. It uses powerful words which could be considered hate material in many civilised countries. Then again, the application of such tactics is to be expected of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation since they had been at war with the Israelis many years before this document was ever created.