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I need some assistance with these assignment. film (movie) analysis paper Thank you in advance for the help! But because of the desperation of losing her job as a florist and being impregnated by boyfriend who hesitated to marry her, she took the risk and became a drug mule.The backdrop of the movie provides a broad understanding of the life in rural Colombia, where Maria spent her earlier life. The plot of the film gives a dark feel of the life in the rural environment which includes the overpopulated rural households that struggles to fend for themselves in a country where social mischief caused by drug trade has slumped economic progress. Poverty, socio-political injustice, and violence continue to play a significant role in shaping the social wellbeing of the small country and served as a justification why such a nice girl such as Maria is driven into the drug trade.In addition to the socio-cultural background of poverty that drives people into drug trade, Joshua Marston, the movie director also oriented the audience about the kind of environment Colombia has that induces people to part of the trade etiher as a pusher or a mule. It depicted the pervasiveness of the drug in the country that made the industry so accessible to anyone in despair. It provided the audience understanding that people are not really born drug mules or drug addicts but rather they are just induced and conditioned by their surrounding. Columbia has such an unhealthy environment that makes drug so common that the fear of the criminal and health consequence of being involved in the trade is dulled by its commonality. And this explains why Maria who is such a nice, smart and driven girl would go into the dangerous and illegal drug trade.In contrast, the film also showed the environment of New York to underscore how abject the environment of Colombia is.