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I need some assistance with these assignment. discuss and analyse the economic impact/burden illnesses/addictions Thank you in advance for the help! In reality, most obese people fail to work efficiently. Among the reasons is because some of them cannot contain their weight and thus walking and moving around is a problem. In addition, most of the employees tend to discriminate such people because they are unpredictable to changes. Obesity comes along with other life-threatening chronic diseases. People with the highest income have a higher chance of being obese as compared to those of low incomes. This however is common in men with huge salaries and on the contrary, women with little income. Physical inactivity is another predictor of obese problems. Among the obese issues, 600,000 of them are women and 400,056 of men, both who lead a physically inactive life.From the table above, it is apparent that obesity is a good cause to some chronic diseases. While there may be other sources of the chronic disease listed in the table, coronary artery disease has the highest attributable indirect cost ($ 1006.1 million) with colon having the least attributable indirect cost ($ 87.7 million). On the contrary, hypertension has the highest attributable direct cost ($ 437.5 million) with colon cancer having the least attributable direct cost ($ 20.4 million) (Manning et. Al., 1991).So many reasons are linked to obesity in Canada in relation to cost estimates. With a reduction in population, the economic costs have so far increased because of an increase in the healthcare expenditures. Therefore, the obesity costs keep on increasing due to the growing demand for medical assistance and obesity prevalence as well. This trend is increasing daily unless the nation finds strategies that can help in preventing the obesity prevalence. This can be achieved by educating people on the importance of leading a healthy life, doing physical exercises and reducing the medical costs to those who fall victims of this problem.Cardiovascular disease is a chronic disease.