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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on (fema) federal emergency management agency Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! FEMA- Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is a federally run agency, but is actually a team of peoplefrom all around the United States, including first responders, federal employees and local officials. FEMA is best known for the responsibilities it has to respond to natural disasters and other emergencies. Although it may not appear obvious, FEMA can be a valuable resource for me in my intended career as a drug counselor. As I work with recovering drug addicts, one of my goals is to prevent my clients from having a relapse. One cause for relapses is unexpected events. I can use the information provided by FEMA to ensure that my clients are adequately prepared for the unexpected. Working on an emergency kit, will also give my clients a goal to work for. This will keep them focused on a productive task as opposed to getting bored and turning back to drugs. FEMA provides documents on what to include in an emergency kit that I could use as a resource. In addition, FEMA provides resources for obtaining insurance. My clients may be struggling with their finances and may be just getting back on their feet. Insurance is important for my clients to learn about and to acquire to protect the assets that they will be acquiring. FEMA has good resources for this. FEMA also provides volunteer opportunities. My clients may be under court order to complete community service hours. FEMA can be a resource for me when I have a client who is interested in helping FEMA or volunteering after a local or national emergency. In general, many people wouldn’t consider FEMA as a valuable resource for drug counselors. however, I found that it has a lot to offer. Works Citedhttp://www.fema.gov/plan/index.shtm. Retrieved June 13, 2012.