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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on environmental issues and psychology Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Awareness and rational decisions have to be observed while coming up with solutions to environmental issues. For example, behavioral and cognitive theories explain the human behavioral concepts and their impacts on social aspects.&nbsp.OVERPOPULATION AS AN ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUEOne of the major environmental problems facing modern society is overpopulation. It includes a situation where the present number of people cannot be sustained by the available resources (Harris, 2012). Nonrenewable resources and their depletion have been the cause of overpopulation in most societies. Causes of overpopulation have been under study by various social scientists since they are linked to human factors such as decisions (Harris, 2012. Increased birthrates can cause an increase in immigration, low mortality rates, and an unsustainable biome.Overpopulation and its link to psychologyControlled populations are a result of policies and awareness of the present habitats. Psychologists have come up with studies that will help understand why some communities are prone to overpopulation while others observe their impacts. Psychological changes may be part of the solution to such environmental problems (Steg, 2012). Humans relate to nature from different perspectives. Some relationships have positive impacts, while others lead to depletion of the available resources. The presence of various mindsets is the cause of issues such as logging and overusing nonrenewable resources.Cultural factors such as beliefs may also contribute to overpopulation, whereby some communities support many infants in a family. Parents that have experienced calamitous conditions may compensate by having more babies to compensate for the lost ones. However, some states have policies that stipulate the number of infants a family should have due to the present resources and infrastructure. Understanding such human behavior may provide various ideas on ways of reducing overpopulation in modern society.