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CONCEPTS OF LEADERSHIPYour Chief has found out that you are attending this course and has read a few articles about Crew Resource Management. As the Safety Risk Manager for your station, your Chief has given you the responsibility of training personnel in the basic ideas of situational awareness and of good leadership as they relate to the information found in this course.Your Chief has also asked you to review the article, Officer Development: Leaders Teach. He would like you to incorporate the traits of good leadership into training as they relate to the information found in this article.Library ArticleViscuso, F. (2014). Officer development: Leaders teach. Fire Engineering, 167(3). 117–120. INSTRUCTIONSFor the training, you will prepare a 12–15 slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding title/reference slides) for the fire hall explaining the concepts of leadership.Include the following in your presentation:The role of a leader.Respectful feedback.The traits of a good leader.The steps of introduction, integration, and trust.Include speaker notes to explain what is being discussed on each slide as though you are presenting to an audience.