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Compose a 1250 words assignment on special adaptations for children with disabilities. Needs to be plagiarism free! The classrooms should be free to move and maneuver for people on wheelchair. For that, either a ramp with a gradual slope should be provided or the floor should be kept at much lower level. Access to the bathroom should be same and the bathroom should be made in such a way that it is easy to use by the people with physical disability. For people with vision impairment, voice commands giving directions should be incorporated in the office building. So that the people having no vision can get the directions by hearing them and a special path for them be introduced which should give them access to every portion of the building. It is mandatory that proper arrangements of speakers in the classroom should be provided so that the people with impaired vision can easily jot down the lecture notes and grasp things which the lecturers want to convey. For people with impaired hearing, signboards with proper directions should be installed so that they can easily get to their desired place. Before the lecture is delivered the lecture should be circulated so that they can read things if they cannot hear and instructors should try to use the illustrative mean to describe their lectures. The following are a list of mental and physical disabilities that might arise in a child:For a kid with hearing disabilities, the teacher can just raise her dictation volume, and/or if the kid is completely deaf, then the teacher can just make use of an in-text writer to write everything down for the child.People with mental disabilities are often not understood properly and therefore, special attention and proper care must be given to those who have mental disabilities and they should be given enough care so that they feel that they are important.&nbsp.