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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Leadership: Virgin Group. As a leader in an organization that has limitless resources and no one to answer to, the leader can embark on transformation, which is a long-term process, without having to contend with red tape and board meetings. A transformational leader in this position can also impart idealized influence since they can act as role models whose motives are not questioned, are trusted, and respected (Lussier & Christopher 45). Using the almost limitless funds, the leader, can also motivate employees to reach the organization’s goals.2. At which aspects of transformational leadership do you think Branson excels?Richard Branson excels at individualized consideration and inspirational motivation. He has a high degree of participation and consideration in his actions as CEO while also being involved in structuring a new business venture. Branson is a leader who is relationship-oriented who excels at aligning employees and giving them encouragement and emotional support. Richard Branson is a consultative and participative leader who possesses a very strong charisma that makes his employees listen to him and follow him. Individualized consideration refers to the degree to which a leader attends to the needs of his employees as a mentor or coach, listening to their needs and concerns (Lussier & Christopher 50). Richard Branson is reputed to be an empathetic and supportive boss who keeps communication channels open and encompasses the need for employee respect, as well as celebrating the contribution of each employee. This gives the employees the aspirations and will of self-development and motivation in their duties. He is an inspirational motivator since he articulates his vision in an appealing and inspiring manner to his employees. He challenges his employees to aim for higher standards and provides them with a meaning for the tasks they have to perform. 3. If the Virgin Group were to go public tomorrow, knowing what you know about how Richard Branson runs the organization, would you be willing to buy stock?If the company put its shares up for sale, I would buy them instantly. This would be informed by the image created about Richard Branson as a collaborative leader who is always ready to give consideration to the ideas brought in by stakeholders, in this case, the employees and suppliers. His charisma should also be another factor that draws me to his company since the profitability of the company has been tied to his endeavors. As a CEO, he is the kind of leader one would want to run a company, which they expect to accrue dividends or sale-on value.