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Brainstorming DiscussionPlease respond to each questions below for three laws/policies/programs listed below. Please note that some of real and some are theoretical.Look at all angles: Positive/Negative/Short-term/Long-term/Necessary/ Possible/ Likely.Do not research answers! Come up with ideas on your own.You need to respond with full sentences. Just your first few thoughts on each.Legal marriage for minors with parental consentDeath penalty for first degree murderCigarette purchasing age increase to 21Cause: Why was this law/policy/program put into place? What circumstances contributed to its implementation? What problem or potential problem was it aiming to control or solve?Short-termLong-termEffect: What is the result of this law/policy/program?PositiveNegativeShort-term (immediate/one day/one week/one month/one year)Long-term (one year/ten years/generational)Necessary (What will definitely happen?)Possible (What might happen?)Likely (What will probably happen?)On an individualOne the communityOn society overallAre possible negative effects worth the long-term benefits?Is there a different/better/more effective approach to the solving the problem?