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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what is the significance of the events of chapter 7 to the novel as a whole. This essay discusses that the death of Baba presses both Amir and Rahim’s need for redemption when he presses upon Amir to go to Afghanistan and tells him there is a way to be good again. To this end, Hayes argues that this trip is inevitable as his journey “is not complete, however until it goes full circle. He must make the journey to America, back to Afghanistan, and back to his new life in America before he can finally believe that the events of this day are beginning to be resolved”. However, even when Amir goes back and after the struggle of adopting Sohrab comes to a head, Hosseini prolongs Amir’s guilt through Sohrab’s silence and Hassan’s death, thereby leaving Amir with the absence of complete redemption. In conclusion, it is submitted that “The Kite Runner” clearly provides a microcosm for Afghani socio-cultural norms. Moreover, through the interrelationship of the central characters’ guilt, it is submitted that the central significance of Chapter 7 is not only as a central turning point in the narrative. but it also triggers a sequence of events which in turn symbolises the fragmentation of the characters lives from a proud people to displaced immigrants. to a degree, the story provides an allegory for the rise and fall of Afghanistan. Nevertheless, the overall beauty of the Kite Runner is the ability to use the correlation between pain, guilt, and redemption to force the reader to reflect on their own experiences notwithstanding the cultural and religious differences of the central characters in the Kite Runner.