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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on michelle alexander: ferguson shows why criminal justice system of racial control should be undone by amy goodman and juan gonzlez. The website presents a transcript that is basically a presentation of the problem of stereotyping and racism in America. The presenters, Amy Goodman, and Juan González explore the United States justice system, focusing particularly on the treatment of African Americans in Ferguson, Missouri. In the presentation, Goodman and González expose the skewed application of the law by exploring the police killing of Michael Brown and a higher percentage of incarceration of African Americans than their white counterparts. This text offers a useful insight into the law implementation in American society by exposing the flaws in the present justice system, which is crucial for ensuring equality in law application in the future. Goodman and González present a scenario in which the police in Ferguson, Missouri apply the law discriminatively. Critically dissecting the text, racial discrimination is perpetrated using the very justice system that is expected to protect all citizens of the United States. There Missouri discrimination in the manner in which the police handle individuals of different racial backgrounds, with the blacks facing the wrath of the law. It is my belief that a just legal system should ensure that laws are applied equally to all people irrespective of their races or ethnicity. Assessing the presentation, several questions emerge.