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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Information Systems Enhancing Organisational Work: The of Unilever. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. With global growth, and even domestic expansion efforts, comes a solid business need for information systems (IS). Best defined, information systems consist of a vast assortment of technologies that aid the industry in conducting business competitively and with a more enhanced decision-making capability. One notable multi-national industry, Unilever, is currently utilizing information systems in an attempt to streamline its business and promote further global growth. Unilever Plc., a United Kingdom-based company, has established remote business facilities in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. As a company worthy of benchmarking, its current usage of information systems has led to an increasingly global presence and enhanced total profitability.&nbsp.Unilever, Plc. is a leading retail organization specializing in the foodservice industry. Unilever manufactures many well-known brands, such as Birds Eye, and has established itself as a leader in distribution and total business profitability. Along with its many achievements is the company’s integration of various information systems that serve to streamline internal staff communications and create a network of interaction between its suppliers and multi-national vendors. With global and domestic growth initiatives in place as an ongoing, strategic operational plan, Unilever is leading the global path forward for its successful adoption of information systems, leading to enhanced business practices. both internal and external. Multi-national industries, such as Unilever, rely on IS to support decision-making and integrate continuous organizational change, as global businesses require routine changes to the business in order to remain profitable and competitive. Using Unilever as an important business example, these firm’s success stories with information systems and its supporting technologies provide a template for any organization wishing to utilize information systems to streamline its company practices.