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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic should electronic play be encouraged for school-age children. This essay stresses that it is true that video game play, whether violent or non-violent, can develop visual concentration, spatial relations, and hand-eye coordination. However, from the evidences presented, it is not clear if these games can improve critical judgment or preservation of information and creativity. This paper makes a conclusion that some educational video games guide specific educational skills and knowledge, for instance math, science and language. However, this kind of games is not easily accessible. Possibly, future development and wide distribution of these materials will be able to encourage more learning for electronic gamers. The effects of media violence may result to desensitization to the terror of violence. recognition of violence as “a way out”. replication of aggression seen in video games. and identification of oneself with the characters. Let us take Mortal Kombat and Nite Trap as perfect examples of the media game of blood sport. In Mortal Kombat, the first hero decapitates, the second hero electrocutes, the third hero slashes the victim’s chest and pulls out the heart, and the fourth hero hacks his victim’s head and holds it high in triumph. In Nite Trap, the vampires go after five scantily-dressed women, bore holes in their necks and suspend them on meat hooks. The high-action, live-action, blood-rich scenes of these games make them more compelling, powerful and realistic and all the more attractive to the minds of the innocent.