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Write 5 pages with APA style on The Account of the Caves Since They Were Discovered and Their Geographical Setting. It is evidently clear from the discussion that UNESCO World Heritage Site was discovered in 1940 by Marcel Ravidat who was 18 years old by then. Ravidat invited four other friends Marsal, Jacques, Agnel, and Coencas to the caves and discovered that they were covered with animal depictions. In 1948, the cave was opened to the public and unfortunately, by 1955, the animal paintings at the cave had been destroyed by carbon dioxide produced by human beings visiting the site. In 1963, the government of France decided to close the site to the public so as to preserve the art site. After the closure of the site, the paintings were refurbished to their original state. Everyday monitoring of the paintings was implemented after the restoration of the site. Some of the rooms in the cave include. the Nave, the Apse, the Chamber of Felines, the Passageway, the Shaft and the Hall of the Bulls among others. Since 1998, the new air conditioning system installed in the cave has been blamed for infecting the site with fungus. Other factors, which have destroyed the site, are high powered lights and too many people visiting the site. The results of these destructions led to black mold in the site. Upon discovery of these molds, the site was closed for three months. Preservationists and scientists were also kept out of these caves due to the health hazards, which were associated with the black molds. An individual was only allowed in the cave for just 20 minutes to monitor the climatic conditions after which he could not enter it again till a week elapse. All this was happening because of the health hazards of black mold. Currently, very few scientific experts have authority to work inside the cave in searching for a solution to the mold, which seems to have taken a toll. The mold has damaged the walls of the cave leaving dark patches.