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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the relationship between feminism and religion. Traditional religions like Christianity and Judaism have been considered to reinforce the oppressive structures that confined women to the tasks of raising children and doing household chores. The interpretations of Judaism, Christianity, and other organized religions do not offer much religious participation and involvement for women. Judeo-Christian traditions forbid women to become priests. In certain invocations and rituals of both religions, women are not allowed to participate (Gerami, 1996, 52). Feminists have tended to focus on alternative spirituality movements and religions. This has been done because these movements have given importance to women in the participation of religious rituals and ceremonies (Jon, 1998, 23). The aim of this research paper is to analyze and examine the importance of alternative spiritual movements in fostering and promoting religious activities inside women. The research paper uses the examples of “Islamic feminism” and “Wiccan feminism” to arrive at the conclusion that alternative religions offer better opportunities for women to practice and adhere to their religion.Organized religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have been traditionally dominated and interpreted by men. This has led to the restriction of women’s rights as they have narrow opportunities to participate in religious activities. Traditional religion has also been one of the most vocal critics of feminism (Gross, 1996, 87). They have accused the feminism of breaking down the traditional family values. They believe that feminism seeks to ensure equality which is impractical. Feminist scholars have refuted these assumptions by pointing out that the interpretation of organized religion needs to be changed. They have extensively written on the scriptures. Feminists have arrived at the conclusion that the core texts do not maintain systematic discrimination and prejudice towards women. They insist that the male domination of religious services has led to the denial of religious rights to women.