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Write 12 pages thesis on the topic organizational culture. It also focuses on ways of implementing the concept of organisational culture in its operations so as to ensure optimal performance of the organisation. Recommendations will also be given at the end so as to suggest the best possible ways that can be implemented to ensure that there is compliance between the organisational culture and its stated goals.MSD is a multinational pharmaceutical company with headquarters in USA but it operates in more than 100 countries across the globe. Particular attention is given to MSD in the Arabian Gulf region where I am currently working in the sales field. The company has more than 150&nbsp.000 employees around the globe and it operates in different areas with people from different cultural backgrounds. In my own country, there are more than 300 employees and of interest is that the organisation has more than 80 years in business now. However, as going to be outlined, the organisational culture needs to be constantly refined in order to meet the changing demands of the environment. There is also need for flexibility where the workers need to be developed and trained to play a part in decision making in areas that affect them and their work.According to Brown (1998), research suggests that strong, adaptable cultures which value stakeholders and leadership, and which have a strong sense of mission are likely to be associated with high performance over a long period of time. Basically, organisational culture is a system that tries to make a distinction between one organisation from the other and there are various definitions of organisational culture that have been developed over the years. “Organisational culture refers to a system of shared assumptions held by members which distinguishes one organisation from the other,” (Werner 2003: 25).