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Unit 6 Assignment – Project: BudgetInstructionsIn this assignment, you will be creating a detailed budget for your project that is in a suitable format to be presented to third parties, including your project sponsor or executives.Leverage the template found in figure 7.1 of your textbook.Prepare the detailed budget in MS Word document or Excel.Assignment File(s)There are excellent free template examples for this assignment available at the following sites:ProjectManagement. (2018). Templates (Links to an external site.). [Webpage] Retrieved from https://www.projectmanagement.com/Templates/index.cfmProjectManagement Docs. (2018). Templates (Links to an external site.). [Webpage] Retrieved from http://www.projectmanagementdocs.com/#axzz4dNyw1MmrI will attach my gnatt chart with all the tasks for this project. You can take from there the fields needed for the budget, such as venue, band, music, etc. Also, please use one of the templates using the links provided. Thank you