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SLP Assignment ExpectationsIn this course, you will be working on a Session Long Project known as the SLP. Each Module, you will be tasked with completing a portion of the overall project. In this Session Long Project, you will focus on an industry that interests you for the duration of the course. You will use IBISWorld to gather your information.Accessing IBISWorld:Click “Additional Library Resources” on the Portal Home Page which takes you to the “Additional Library resources” screen.Scroll down and click on “IBISWorld” which will take you to the IBISWorld Home Page.Your journey into a selected industry begins by clicking on the first listing in the gray-shaded box, US Industry Reports (NAICS).Once you’re in the Reports screen, you’ll see an alphabetized listing of major industries. Each listing has a number in parenthesis behind it. This tells you the number of different areas that you can choose from. You can access those areas by either clicking directly on the Industry or by going to the next box below the Industry listings. For example; let’s look at the very first one under “Browse Reports”, Accommodation and Food Services (13). We can either click on it which brings you to another alphabetized listing showing specific types of accommodation and food services in the US. Or just go to the box and look at the areas under Accommodation and Food Services. Let’s use the box and look at the very first one, Report number 72111 – Hotels and Motels.As you can see, a long page full of information pops up. The best way to start your research is to view the video by clicking on the old-time movie camera icon to the right of the industry definition. This gives you a brief overview of all the information available on the page. Once you’ve viewed the video, work your way down the page to get familiar with all the different areas. You’ll see that there are eight topic areas, each of which has specific sub-areas. These topic areas are: Industry Definition; The Supply Chain; Major Players; Main Activities; Similar Industries; Additional Resources; Industry Jargon; Glossary. It is from these sub-areas that much of your data for this SLP and subsequent assignments will come from.Select an Industry Report that looks interesting to you.Thoroughly review the Report Snapshot and use MS Word to type-up a 1-2 page paper highlighting the key factors regarding the Industry. Please review the following MS Word Presentation: Introduction to MS Word Presentation:https://s3.amazonaws.com/tuitestbucket/Introduction+to+Microsoft+Word+(Web)/index.htmlDeliverables:Please describe the industry you are reviewing and why it is of interest to you.Add the Industry definition.Discuss components of The Supply Chain such as: Supply Industries, Related Industries, Key Economic Drivers, Demand Industries, Related International Industries, etc.Discuss the Major players and the Main Activities.Use the “Industry at a Glance” tab to discuss Key Statistics Snapshot such as: Revenue, Profit, Annual Growth, Wages, and Businesses.Additional resources for using MS Word:https://courses.lumenlearning.com/informationliteracy/chapter/microsoft-word-2013-lectures/