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Read the page of the link and answer the next questions:https://www.nmun.org/assets/documents/conferences/ny/ny21-bgg-unea.pdfWhat is the full name of your committee? When was it founded?Why was your committee founded? Cite the specific events, context, and more.Has your committee’s purpose evolved over time, and if so, how?What is your committee’s official mandate? Hint: this is its primary purpose and mission.Have there been any changes to its mandate over time, and if so, what?PowersWhat are the foundational documents of the committee (for example, this might be the resolution(s) that established the body, as well as its foundational governing documents, such as a charter or treaty)? Be specific and include all relevant founding documents. If it’s the UN Charter, cite the specific article(s).What are your committee’s powers? Be specific and thorough. This is not about its mission, but about how it carries out its mission.MembershipHow is membership determined in your committee? How long does membership last?How many members does your committee have?Who are the current members of your committee (a link to all members here is fine if it’s a long list)?Does your committee include any members that are not from countries? ProcedureWhen does your committee meet?How does voting work in your committee?Does your committee issue reports? resolutions? Locate the source of your committee’s work and link it here. Hint: this may be a link to current and historical lists of resolutions or reports or other publications.StructureDoes your committee report up to another committee? Does your committee have sub-committees?How would you describe your committee’s role in the United Nations system?Does your committee have the full support of the Security Council members? What about support by non-Western countries? Is it used as a tool for a specific set of countries?