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Read the excerpt from Blanca Flor.The Narrator. By this time, the fire had evaporated Blanca Flor’s spit, and there was no answer. Don Ricardo knew that Blanca Flor was gone, and that she had run away with Juanito. He saddled his horse and galloped up the path to catch them before they escaped from his land.Based on clues from the story, what is the best prediction a reader can make about the next scene?Blanca Flor and Juanito regret leaving Don Ricardo and return to him the next day.Blanca Flor and Juanito go separate ways soon after they leave Don Ricardo’s place.Don Ricardo stops his galloping horse and decides to let Blanca Flor and Juanito leave in peace.Blanca Flor continues to run from Don Ricardo to avoid being caught and taken back to his land.