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Please read the articles and then THOROUGHLY and COMPLETELY answer the following questions (a full paragraph for each).Articles:┬áLink to Article 1: Mental HealthLink to Article 2: Understanding the ImpactLink to Article 3: Stigma and DiscriminationLink to Article 4: The Impact of Mental Illness StigmaLink to Article 5: The Most Toxic IssueLink to Article 6: Let’s Call Mental HealthLink to Article 7: Mental Illness and ViolenceQuestions:Why are people with mental illness stigmatized? Why do we do it? Where does it come from?What are the ways that they are discriminated against?What are the effects of stigmatization and discrimination on people with mental illness?What can be done to change it?Please make sure to cite/quote the articles wherever possible! Show me that you read them!And remember to always be open-minded and respectful in your posts.