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Need help with my writing homework on CAT Aircraft Make Use of Weather Radar. Write a 3000 word paper answering; Clear-Air Turbulence (CAT): when air masses have a turbulent movement where there are no visual cues that look like the clouds. The meeting of the air actually is the cause of the turbulence and this air move widely at different speeds.It is not easy for the standard airplane radars to detect CAT. This because the CAT should have some association with the clouds that normally show a movement of air that cannot be predicted. When with cloud covers, the Clear-air Turbulence normally appears differently. This makes it not to be visible for both the eye and again. it cannot be measured with the sensors. Research shows that similar turbulence is likely to occur in the future several times or repeatedly because of a change in the climate. As a normal happening, there’s an occurrence of wind shear along the stream of the jet. In this case, several layers of air that are extended normally move in a horizontal manner, going against one another and taking totally different speeds. It is proved that strong wind shear can also create breaking waves such as those waves found on the water. Due to the breakages of such waves, there is normally the creation of vortices in the air or turbulence which are associated with clear air.When there are lights and ranging instruments that are installed in the aircraft, laser-based is the one responsible for detecting such. To determine the density of the air, there’s the use of the backscatter values that are measured for air molecules, nitrogen, and oxygen. This is also enabled through the emission of UV short-wave radiations following the flight direction. The information on turbulence, mostly in distant areas, is then provided by the fact that there is a fluctuation in the density. This usually makes it just for the first time to be visible and very predictable.