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Need an research paper on the relationship between european overseas expansion and developments in europe. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. New commodities like silk and cotton started arriving from the New World. And this gift when fused with the Industrial Revolution of England made possible for the people to rely less on conventional agriculture and more on Manufacturing Industries. As more wealth and power came along with the occupation of the new lands, it changed the economic, social and political aspects of Europe. Between 1815 and 1871, there were many revolution campaigns and Independence wars within and outside of Europe. The social and trade union of England were a result of the war-ridden years. Serfdom was also rejected by the Russians and Balkan nations started realizing that they need to be independent and needed major changes in their infra-structure, so they revolted against their Ottoman governments and started gaining independence. And right at the heart of Europe, after the Franco-Prussian war, Italy and Germany became national estates and by 1871, most of the European countries had become constitutional monarchies. To capture the scrambles of this great divide and restructuring of the new countries, many European nations engaged in a war and World War I started which further changed Europe and its economics as real steel age had started.