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Need an research paper on interview with winnie francois. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The first question I have asked Winnie Francois consisted in the ethical values which are of a great importance for the leaders of the non-profit organizations. Winnie said that there were various approaches to develop ethics within Meals on Wheels. The ethical values are incredibly important, he gave an emphasis, due to the reason that the key aim of any non-profit organization is not to accumulate the financial assets and income, but help those who are in need. The ethical values which have been put on the basis of the Broward Meals on Wheels are connected with the intention to help without having any benefits of the financial character. Thus, Winnie claimed, the main ethical value of our work consists in the understanding that we work to help and assist. The leaders of the non-profit agency, Broward Meals on Wheels, Winnie said were full on enthusiasm and exercised the active approach to the design of ideas and ways how to have the good intentions to be turned to life. Broward Meals on Wheels serves as an important mechanism and the brightest example of how the non-profit organization has to work. Another ethical value, as Winnie Francois has a conviction, consists in the desire to unite the major stakeholders and charity organizations in order to follow the common aim which comprises of the numerous approaches and means to help and make it on the constant basis. This value requires, certainly, much attempt to be done, since the search of the agents willing to help is a very complicated and long-termed task.