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MTH103 Portfolio ProjectMath AnxietyInstructions: For this project, you will be researching the topic of “math anxiety.” You can approach this assignment from one of two angles: you can do your research as a person who struggles with math anxiety, or you can research from the perspective of helping someone else who has math anxiety. Here’s what I’m expecting from you:What is math anxiety? Find 2 – 3 articles on the internet that discuss math anxiety. Answer questions such as: what is it? What are some tips to overcome it? What are some of the causes of math anxiety? Who is more likely to have math anxiety? Etc.Why did you choose these articles? Write about why you chose these articles. Was one more helpful than the other? Why? Did they differ on the tips they offered? How? You are required to reference these articles, and you must cite your sources when referenced in your paper.  If you fail to do so, the paper will receive a 0%.Your math history. In addition, you are to discuss your history with math anxiety. How have you dealt with it in the past?  What has your performance in other math classes been before this quarter? Be specific and detailed.Strategies for Success. Incorporate strategies concepts in regard to dealing with math anxiety, such as self-talk, scotomas, Lock on-Lock out, affirmations, etc. That is, develop your own list of tips on how to overcome math anxiety by using the concepts you learned.Format: The paper should follow the following formatting:Typed in Microsoft WordDouble-spacedTimes New Roman, size 12-pt font1 inch margins.APA Format with References.Minimum of 1 ½ pages.Must use proper grammar and punctuationAvoiding Plagiarism: Anytime you use an idea, a direct quote, a paraphrase of a quote, or a summary of a quote/idea, you must cite the source in the body of the paper. Since you are using articles from the internet, placing the author’s last name in parentheses after the sentence that contains referenced material will suffice.