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INSTRUCTIONS: Open the following link and read the first topic which is “Climate change and health”https://www.nmun.org/assets/documents/conferences/ny/ny21-bgg-unea.pdf write a 2-paragraph paper.See also the sample papers below the template. Use these UN clauses in the third person You must write about the topic in your own words using diplomatic language.EXAMPLE: TEMPLATE:Paragraph 1: Topic BackgroundHere, you need to establish that you are aware of what your topic is. The topic background typically defines any key terms and buzz words related to the issue at hand and provides a brief summary of the history of the issue and potential consequences of ignoring the issue.For example, a topic background on the issue of human trafficking might provide the official definition of human trafficking (“the illegal abuse of individuals through coercion, deception, and other recruitment and harboring for sexual and labor exploitation”), general statistics from reliable sources that broadly encompass the issue (“According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), since 2012, 20.9 million victims presently suffer from this modern-day slavery”), and explore broader implications (“This crime not only impedes human rights but also poses global health risks and influences development”).Paragraph 2: Past International Actions on the topicThis portion addresses efforts the UN has previously made and endeavors your country specifically has taken on to combat the issue at hand. Consider what UN programs, events, resolutions, and agreements your country has participated in. Take note of the other participants in these efforts, too—they could serve as important allies in the committee.As you write about these previous actions, start brainstorming your own ideas. How effective were these endeavors? What went right, and what could you improve upon?