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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Investigative Journalist Career Strategy. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Fortunately, I had a repetition of being very curious, in my case my curiosity exceeded everyone else’s, this came along with courage and a stubborn attitude to find out the truth (Edwards, 2014).I aspire to work for a national media station as an investigative reporter because I am a good observer. My observational skills are especially good because, in my quest to find the truth about anything, I examine in detail. Over time, I have set a record of uncovering irregularities and misappropriations in a number of places I have been to. I have made most of my findings public and notified the relevant audiences motivated by the fact that making it is in the interest of the public. In my opinion, it is only just and fair to expose violations and major scandals that interfere either directly or indirectly with the well-being of the public. Consequently, I am highly motivated by investigative reporters because I believe when they expose violations and information sort to be hidden, they play a part in healing the society of social evils.As a young citizen, I have a personality and character that best merge to take up investigative reporting. As earlier noted, I am characteristically very observant and often collect details along with the implications of what the details point to. Additionally, I believe I am just, therefore in any case that comes to my attention where some people or organizations are engaging in peculiar activities I get deeply concerned. Many are the times when I am limited to obtain information vital to solve or clear a situation for an unjust party. Finally, I have a very low tolerance for parties that withhold valuable information of public interest. This is because I hold a strong belief that all have a right to information and not what only some influential or powerful individuals would want them to know.I believe that the consistent show of courage that I have presented in the past in uncovering events that only demand nothing less of bravery bests prepares me as an investigative reporter.