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EDUC 735Presentation Project Assignment InstructionsThe purpose of this assignment is to help you gain experience with a realistic topic/issue in your current position or in a future position you hope to obtain. Before you begin, think about an issue in teaching and learning that would fall under your jurisdiction in this current or future position. An example would be a Director for Secondary Education who would research the topic of block scheduling. Another example would be a Director of School Counselors who would research the topic of cyber-bullying. This topic may be the same as the topic of your Research Paper Assignment.1.     After choosing a teaching and learning issue that would directly relate to the position you are seeking or already possess and plan to stay in, please complete an overview of the topic. The overview should be 2-3 pages in length.  It should include at least 4 current (five years old or newer) scholarly sources to support your paper properly cited in current APA format.  This may be the same topic about which you wrote your research paper.Include the following information:·      Historical description of the issue (What has happened in the past to cause this issue presently?) ·      Current description of the issue (What are the details of the issue and its current impact on the district or school?)·      Current strategies being used to address the topic (What is being done now to attempt to resolve the issue?)·      A description of the job you are seeking (or have already obtained) by earning your graduate degree (Why do you feel this specific issue in teaching and learning would be of concern to you in your intended position?)2.     After completing your overview, you will create a written action plan.  The action plan includes specific steps that you would use to pursue resolution of the issue in your district. The details of the action plan should also include the resources (human and financial) that will be required and the timeline for implementation.  Be specific in the steps of the action plan in terms of who will do what by when and the financial costs associated with each step.  The reader should be able to take your written plan and follow the steps to implement the plan.3.     Finally, create a PowerPoint or Prezi that you would use to share and explain the action plan to the school board. The presentation should be at least 10 or more slides and should include graphs, pictures, data, and citations.  You should include the specific steps, resources needed, and the timeline in your PowerPoint or Prezi. All three parts are necessary to complete this assignment.