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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses concept of an academic institution. Paul Barrett determined that several specific points on which the scandal at the University of North Carolina could be best described. The first point was that the deceit was spread throughout the campus faculty and administration. It was in existence for 18 years, where 3100 students took courses that were nothing but classes on paper and where there was no oversight by faculty or actual class attendance. More than half the students are athletes, and many were directed to these courses by academic counselors. Counselors were encouraging academic fraud to keep members of the teams playing either basketball or football.The black studies department hosted the fraudulent courses under the title African and Afro-American studies, where hundreds of their regular courses were offered to them. Although red flags were evident, no faculty member questioned the courses. The courses were overseen by the ex-chairman Julius Nyang’oro and the top administrative aide, Deborah Crowder. Barrett finds this corruption particularly offensive because the UNC sports teams’ athletic ranks were disproportionately African-American, where the students have come to get a real education rather than one that was fraudulent. UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt apologized to the students because they violated the students’ trust in terms of getting an education (Barrett).Federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein led the investigation where employees were fired and five more disciplined in terms of their roles in this fraud. The investigation found that the scandal was much deeper than just fake courses and that there was an intentional system through which athletes were pushed through the academic portion of their college careers. Gerald Gurney, the Drake Group president, commented that this was one of the worst scandals in the NCAA&nbsp.history. It involved a depth of counselors, academic administrators, coaches, athletic administrators, and faculty that had not been seen previously.