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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on social and cultural diversity. Social and Cultural Diversity PaperOutlineIntroductionDiversity is an important and innate aspect of every society or community existing in the world. Every person existing with our surroundings is different and unique in one or many ways. Sometimes it becomes difficult to handle the differences, a situation that leads to unintentional war and conflict. People are different in terms of gender orientation, culture, physical structure of the body, health condition, education, knowledge, religion, race and behavior among others. Understanding the principle of diversity and accepting as well as appreciating uniqueness of every person is best way to ensure harmonious and constructive survival with different people. Definition of cultural diversityCultural diversity otherwise called cultural pluralism refers to the existence within a society of various cultures, races, religions, ethnic groups and other distinct groups with each practicing different lifestyle and values. Part 11) Personally witnessed discrimination and heard narrations about history of discrimination and effects within America. Cultural background nearly instigated to involve in discrimination along the lines of diversity, but humbled by professional advice.2) Personal contact with people of diversity and experiences gained relating and working with the people of diversity.3) The impacts of the experiences gained concerning ways to deal and relate with people of diversity.a) Disciplineb) Lovec) Cared) Understandinge) Perseveringf) Appreciating4) Personal biasesa. PerfectionismCan lead into denying client to exhaust their efforts in performing activities or duties.b. PrejudgmentCan lead into limiting or restricting thinking capacity of a clientele.c. AscentCan lead incessant correction of client.Can lead to misunderstanding a client.5) Meaning of diversity.a) Experiences with people of diversity.b) Impacts of relating with people of diversity.c) Personal biases and impact on therapeutic process. ­6) ConclusionPart 21) The meaning of subtle racistA person who likes discriminating on others in indirect manner that with intention to conceal the reason behind or intent behind certain racist acts.2) Existence of differences in values and perceptions among members of same ethnic group.3) Relationship and level of exposure to members of other ethnic groups.4) Personal experiences with relating to other people.5) Level of social knowledge exhibited by each individual.6) Existence of specific stereotypes towards other people of diversity.Part 31) Importance of codes of ethics of ACA and NAADAC in effective therapeutic and counseling work.2) Lessons learnt on cultural sensitivity in planning of treatment.3) Differences in communication styles as employed in different cultures4) Techniques of building rapport for different cultures.