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You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Music of America. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. During the time African slaves were brought to the United States, these slaves preserved much of their culture. The city of New Orleans in Louisiana had a “population of white settlers, black slaves, and mixed race, most notably the descendants of French and Spanish settlers and blacks known as the Creoles.” (The Story of Music Vol. 5 1) Plantation slaves meet at the Congo Square where they dance to African drumming. Even after the time, slavery was abolished during the Civil War, the Congo Square remained to be the favorite meeting venue to perform African rhythm which was soon picked up by other local bands. “They were black bands made up of freed slaves and house servants throughout the South.” (The Story of Music Vol. 5 2) New Orleans then became the birthplace of jazz being the most prolific ground for the expression of black music. One facet is their musical culture, including rhythms, songs, and dances, wherein African Americans were introduced to the European and white popular music. Likewise, European Americans were introduced to the “off-beat” rhythms and various pitches used in the African melody. For that reason, the development of jazz which became the most important music genres of the 20th century came into being. Jazz is said to be America’s greatest contribution to music. Its impact on American society has been massive and its influence on world culture has been far-reaching. “Its message has been direct, vital, and immediate, enabling it to hurdle cultural.&nbsp.The “twang” of a hunter’s bow may have given people the idea that strings are also sources of pleasing sounds and if given different tensions would also create a variety of pitches.&nbsp. This inspiration would eventually lead to the stretched strings of the violin family.&nbsp.