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Write a 17 pages paper on personal skills development in mechanical engineering: analysing key skills. In this case,&nbsp. the four key skills in this level through my past experiences were demonstrated and my current employment as both a diver and a company director. One of these skills is the ability to explore work demands in which I have always depicted my capacity regarding this skill. As a professional Bell Diving supervisor in the oil and gas industry, I have always demonstrated the critical aspect of my work. In this regard, I often break complex tasks down into activities that are easily manageable. I have also demonstrated the ability to identify aspects that are known, anticipated, as well as novel regarding the same activities. At some point, I have been forced to predict the way various work activities can affect each other thereby changing the nature of my work.Another important skill is the skill of planning for work. In this regard, I have increasingly developed the skill of planning my work throughout my career and work experience in the construction and engineering sector. I have often aimed at planning to manage my work as I meet my skill-development needs and gain commitment from other workers. In this regard, I ensure that I gain commitment only from relevant people. I consider who can be of help to my proposal development and who cannot be based on the business objectives. To maximize the approval of my project proposals, I always involve my colleagues as well as other important parties in which I outline the project benefits and then involve them in the planning process.In the case of the skill related to work management, I have always demonstrated the same. To manage my work effectively, I am required to focus on ensuring that I am on the front line in making things work. These requirements have been a key aspect especially given my job position in the oil and gas company. In this regard, others are able to work alongside each other to see that we all meet our responsibilities such as obtaining resources, optimizing budgets, and keeping each team member informed besides the effective management of time.