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Write 6 pages with APA style on Review of Celia, A Slave. Slavery had far reaching implication on African-Americans in the southern part and the occurrences are illustrated in the text Celia, a slave.The United States especially in the Southern and Northern regions had specific issues dealing with slavery. Slavery had both defacto and dejure tendencies to the extent that most of the regions had indifferences established in law (McLaurin 12). The text puts in perspective discriminatory tendencies that were faced by the black community in Missouri. In 1850 when the story of Celia begins, there were a number of controversies concerning the slavery status in the state. The US congress raised a number of concerns in so far as the existence of slavery in a free state was concerned. When Missouri presented its request for statehood, it had to deal with the challenge of allowing slavery to exist in a free society. At the time, emotions flared in the US congress whether the abandonment of slavery was supposed to be a determinant of statehood. In 1821, a compromise vote was passed in the congress effectively allowing Missouri to become a legally defined slave state (McLaurin 33). The specific group discussed in this context is the African-Americans and how they suffered under a system that legally accepted slavery as a moral doctrine in the society. The book is a novel presenting the various views and issues concerning individuals conflicted by racial prejudices inherent in the society.The book addresses a number of issues that the African-Americans had to deal with during the slavery era in the US. One of the themes presented in the book is gender based and sexual violence against the women. The master buys Celia in the disguise of having a work as an assistant.